What is an ISBU?

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What is an ISBU?

ISBU is universal short term for Inter-modal Steel Building Unit (ISBU). An ISBU is an ISO- 1CC type Corten steel container manufactured for, or converted for use for either some type building construction purpose or for a storage unit. They come in varying lengths and heights and can be used for either transportation, storage, or building construction.

Why is ISBU construction or ISBU integration a preferred structure?

The reasons for the growing interest and use of an ISBU for single unit or multi-unit construction are too numerous to mention. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 the ISBU has become a very legitimate, viable construction and storage technology and not just a trend or fad. Their uses are now widely accepted by the professional designers, contractors, environmentalists and governments.

Corten Steel vs., Mild Steel
ISBU shipping containers are made using a special steel named “Corten steel”. This product is quite different than the common “mild steel” used in most building construction.

U.S. Steel is the original inventor and manufacturer of Corten steel. Corten steel has at least three very unique properties compared to mild steel

1) 40% stronger than mild steel
2) Superior bonding properties with paints and coatings
3) Anti-corrosive blend of metals

The rusting or corrosion on the surface of un-painted Corten steel is very slow, loosing only 1.0 mm of surface per 100 years. 1.5 mm in highly corrosive environments. For this reason, Corten steel is used on bridges, freeways, cargo ships and the favorite of artists for use on outdoor steel art and architecture. It oxidizes, but does not corrode, that is a very significant difference. The longevity rating for Corten steel on these structures is 100 – 120 years un-painted. When coated with epoxy paints and maintained, these surfaces are near eternal.

TEST: Corten steel used on shipping containers is virtually undamaged (Cronos) Many independent studies have been done on shipping containers and the Corten steel used in the container construction. One such study was made by the Cronos Leasing
company. The results of a study performed by a UK university concluded that Corten A steel was 75% stronger than mild steel. Their strength test was conducted using a hydraulic ram equivalent of over 20 tons per square inch.

An ISBU or shipping container meet and exceeds all U.S. and International building codes for use as a construction unit base. It is the epitome of sustainability and recyclable and its reputation is well known for durability and longevity.

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