Multifamily Developments

multifamily green developments tx

The Multifamily construction industry and has recently had an increasing demand for green certified buildings. Affordable housing, much of which is multifamily, has been leading the way in green building for many years, much of this due to incentives tied to low income housing tax credits that promote certified projects.

In recent years, due to the downturn in real estate which forced many former homeowners to become renters, there is increased demand for rental apartments throughout the country. This demand makes multifamily rental property a significantly better investment than it has been for many years, piquing the interest of many investors and REITs who previously avoided residential buildings. And what better possible outcome can you have from a building you know will last much, much longer than the old ways of building.

Combining multiple ISBU modules to create larger homes, office or storage will generally increase the total unit strength and stability since the modules become a fully welded multi-unit structure attached to each other.

The combining of multiple ISBU does not diminish its individual or total unit strength. Even Modifications such as windows, doors and stairways will be done according to code and do not weaken the structure at all.

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